When Cannons Fade now on Facebook.

Indeed. Not content to just plod around here on wordpress, I decided on my lunch break at work to see if I could get some presence on Facebook. Lets see what happens…

If you click on this link, it’ll take you there. Not much on there right now, but i’ll figure a way to tie it in to this site.

Please feel free to add it/like it/send it to your grandma. I’ll be putting promotional discount codes and stuff up on there, so it will be worth keeping an eye on it.

Int’l House of Paincakes is open for business

When Cannons Fade are proud to announce that it is part of the brand new, all singing, all dancing with fecking bells hanging off it blog network, The Int’l House of Paincakes!

Actually, I did twist the truth a little bit, but it’s my blog, and I can do that. It officially opens on Monday August 23rd, but you can still take a peep at it right now, which I urge you to do.

Essentially a different approach on the regular run of the mill blogs that are out there, and with a lot more swearing. Let that not detract from the quality articles, tutorials, interviews, reviews, centerfolds (wait, what?) that you will be assaulted by when you head on over.

Click the link, bookmark and enjoy. I’ll be posting more later in the week…

When Cannons Fade dot com lives!

Well, whether or not you noticed (don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you hadn’t), but WCF now has its own domain, with none of that  .wordpress stuff in there. Yay! I have plans, lots of them… hopefully we’ll start seeing them coming to fruition in the next few weeks, i’m just trying to get all the important stuff squared away first. I can’t say much more than that 🙂 I don’t want to jinx anything.

Thats it, just a quickie! i’ll be back to post more in the next few days. I may even have a ramble about Lizardmen!