APB – Big Jim’s Chaos Army stolen, please read!

As is the dread of any gamer who sinks a lot of love, time, effort and money into their hobby, the last thing you want to happen is that your shit gets stolen. Well, it’s happened to Big Jim, contributer to the House of Paincakes and his own blog ‘Galaxy in Flames’.

I’m pretty sure that his Chaos army will make its way to Ebay, or bartertown or one of the other trading/buying/selling webites very soon, so I implore you, dear readers, to have a bit of vigilance and keep your eyes open and let Jim know if you see his minis coming up for sale. Check out his blog to see the minis, they are beautifully painted and very unique. Lets see if we can get some back for him. Here are a couple of pictures of Jim’s Minis:

Click on both links in the first paragraph to read the full articles on both Jim’s blog and the HOP. There is also a drive in the community to dontate any chaos stuffs that you can to get him back up to speed.

Good luck! WCF will do its bit to help!