Kuma’s Corner. Bastard size hamburgers.

I know I know, its a hobby blog related with wargaming. Well, it’s my blog, and this warrants an entry. Or maybe requires a warrant for entry.

Anyone who lives in, or visited Chicago should (if you don’t already) know about Kuma’s Corner. A burger joint thats about the size of a shoebox with loud and very heavy music playing. The place has been in in the national press numerous times, and also on local TV networks.  It’s famous for having incredible hamburgers all with names of heavy metal bands.

I went there with the Boss Lady and some friends on Saturday night. The place is also renowned for its waiting times to get seated, and we waited an hour and a half(ish) before we sat at our table. Who cares? its KUMAS! The food is totally worth the wait. I ordered myself the ‘Plaguebringer’ while the Boss Lady ordered the ‘Iron Maiden’. Food = good, beer = great. Good times had by all.

So, if you’re in Chicago, do yourself a favor, and go to Kuma’s, order a burger served up with a side of heavy metal.

When Cannons Fade approved!