I’m still here, honest! WTF Wednesday!

I know, I know, it’s been a while, but boy, has it been crazy times. I won’t bore you with details, but school, getting married, recording a full-length album, and a short sale are just a few of the things that I have been doing which has taken me away from my sadly neglected blog. I hope to change that now though. I’ll be going through the blog here in the next week or two and getting rid of some of the old content and start breathing some new life into this place. I’ve still been gaming with my good buddy Colin ‘Thunderhammer’ Holmes, or Dethtron to some out there. We’ve actually been playing lots of Flames of War, and I got him interested in making an army for Hail Caesar; he’ll be fielding Saxons while i’ll be fielding Vikings. I aim to get an article together for this soon.

So anyway, to continue with a not-so-regular feature of WCF, this weeks WTF Wednesday picture was spotted on teh intehwebs by yours truly. It probably ranks in the top 2 for me. The fact that this had to be posted is a scary prospect, but, we’ve all been to that con, or store where there is a definite ‘cologne’ that you couldn’t tell whether it was bad meat or good cheese in there… gross.

For shame. Get some Old Spice maybe?
For shame. Get some Old Spice maybe?

Love the small print…

WTF Wednesday – Sisters of Battle – underwhelmingly ‘meh’


Honestly, WTF? Originally I was going to post something about an incantation of Doomrider, which read very much like a Judas Priest song, complete with double entendre lyrics. That was, until I just opened my email now and saw a newsletter from Grim Workshop. The heading read thus:

‘Divine intervention – the full Sisters of Battle range’

Now, having that subject line got me excited, blown into the beyond as quickly as it arrived upon opening said email:

‘Whether you’re looking to start a new Sisters of Battle army, or wanting to add to your existing one, games-workshop.com has the full range of miniatures available to you. Head on over now to see the Sisterhood in all its glory.’

Seriously? are you frakking kidding me? I own ALL of the minis from the range, in multiples too, why the frak would I need more of the old shit? HELLO? the secondary market took care of my Sisters needs, getting a squad of sisters for the price of two blisters. Boring miniatures, boring poses, but hey! check out the website for all the shit you’ve seen already, but we took down for a few months!

Vampire counts have stolen any blood and thunder that could have been used to push the Sisters. Even the GW Facebook page is dominated by VC stuff, with barely anything pushed about Sisters, with the exception of a picture of some >yawn< cosplayers in Sisters gear.

I am now hearing that GW have themselves even said that they have no intention of releasing new minis, or indeed releasing the old shit in Finecast even. What the hell??

I know, i’m just having a belly rumble, but while everyone else (except Necrons and Tau) have new or newish books, minis, plastics etc, we Sisters fans are being royally fisted, and i’m not happy about that. I dunno, maybe Sisters have too much ‘original’ flavor to them still, and that doesn’t fit in with GW’s thinking any more. RARGH!!!!!


WTF Wednesday – GW hates GW employees who like GW products? Threat level RED!

GW seem to be synonymous with terms such as ‘bizarre’, ‘unusual’, ‘seriously?’, ‘how much?’, ‘broken’, ‘wot no sisters?’ etc etc. As though created from the very pages of their own volumes of Lost and the Damned, GW seem to be themselves a great slab of the Immaterium, the warp, chaos

Again, thanks to my deepthroat ‘Frank’ for finding this for me. It’s a little old, but the absurdity of it left me scratching my head. I’d be intrigued to know, dear reader, what your thoughts are on the matter.

Essentially, long story short, a GW employee, who likes the company, loves the product (and probably sinks most of his paycheck back into the company) finds a copy of ‘Ere We Go’ and ‘Freebooterz’ (some Rogue Trader era supplements, you know, made by the company he works for…) on Ebay. So, he arranges with the seller to meet with him to pick up the books, at a GW store. Harmless enough you say? well apparently not. While waiting for the seller to turn up, he gets talking the manager of that particular store and gets around to telling him why he was there…

I won’t spoil the story for you, you should read the whole account, which you can find at http://www.notsounwashed.com/2009/11/very-dangerous-remove-immediately/ It almost reads like some sort of Shakespearian drama full of hope, intrigue and betrayal… It certainly left me scratching my head, and adding another notch on the ‘hate’ post for the love/hate relationship I have with this once glorious company.

Seriously GW, WTF?

GW 'black shirt' (blue balls?) deals with another pesky fan boi...

WTF Wednesday – either it is, or it isn’t… make your mind up!

The anniversary of the day of my appearing on this planet is rapidly approaching, and I was asked to put together a list of a few things I would/need for my gaming stuff. I usually take advantage of the offer and order some Forge World stuff.

So, as I was perusing the website and happened upon the Dreadnought pages. Eyeballing the Space Wolf venerable dready I just happened to look at the description. See for yourself (click on the image for full size).

Now, ‘complete resin kit’ would suggest to me that it includes everything you would need to make a complete dreadnought model. If I bought a complete resin kit of a Focke Wolfe, I would kind of expect the wings to be included in the kit. Apparently not. I understand that people will want different configurations for loadouts, so I suggest one of two options: Either re-word your description so you’re not confusing people (yes I am aware of the rest of the sentence in the description) or, up the price to include the loadouts of the customers choice. Seriously Forge World, WTF?

If you have anything that would be a good entry for WTF Wednesday, send me an email at whencannonsfade@gmail.com and i’ll include it, with full credits of course 🙂

*Disclaimer – FW images used without permission. The WTF Wednesday series is supposed to be a light hearted bit of fun. Don’t take it too seriously. Dig it.

WTF Wednesday: One of these things is not like the other…

Thanks to Frank for putting me onto this one. I was literally WTF-ing all over the shop when I saw it. Now, before I get cries of being a meanie, and that someone may have scratchbuilt one of these and put a lot of time and effort into it(i’ll let you guess), its the finish thats got me scratching my chin. WTF?

If you’ve gone as far to scratchbuild a rhino and make sure you got the shape somewhat near, why would you finish it like this??


WTF Wednesday – How much????

Welcome to a new, but irregular spot called WTF Wednesday. This will be where I showcase things from the gaming world that literally make me cry WTF????

Our first contender….

You may (or may not) know that the Tomb Kings battle magic cards are super sold out. So, I went to the Bay to score a set, not before I saw this though:


(Click on the image for a better view)

Insanity prevails! By the gleaming jock-strap of Ptra I hope no one is a sucker enough to spend that kind of money on these.

More to come soon!