WTF Wednesday – GW hates GW employees who like GW products? Threat level RED!

GW seem to be synonymous with terms such as ‘bizarre’, ‘unusual’, ‘seriously?’, ‘how much?’, ‘broken’, ‘wot no sisters?’ etc etc. As though created from the very pages of their own volumes of Lost and the Damned, GW seem to be themselves a great slab of the Immaterium, the warp, chaos

Again, thanks to my deepthroat ‘Frank’ for finding this for me. It’s a little old, but the absurdity of it left me scratching my head. I’d be intrigued to know, dear reader, what your thoughts are on the matter.

Essentially, long story short, a GW employee, who likes the company, loves the product (and probably sinks most of his paycheck back into the company) finds a copy of ‘Ere We Go’ and ‘Freebooterz’ (some Rogue Trader era supplements, you know, made by the company he works for…) on Ebay. So, he arranges with the seller to meet with him to pick up the books, at a GW store. Harmless enough you say? well apparently not. While waiting for the seller to turn up, he gets talking the manager of that particular store and gets around to telling him why he was there…

I won’t spoil the story for you, you should read the whole account, which you can find at It almost reads like some sort of Shakespearian drama full of hope, intrigue and betrayal… It certainly left me scratching my head, and adding another notch on the ‘hate’ post for the love/hate relationship I have with this once glorious company.

Seriously GW, WTF?

GW 'black shirt' (blue balls?) deals with another pesky fan boi...

One thought on “WTF Wednesday – GW hates GW employees who like GW products? Threat level RED!”

  1. Threat Level RED! Fire everyone!

    ‘Ere We Go! was my first GW book, and it was awesome.

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