WTF Wednesday – Sisters of Battle – underwhelmingly ‘meh’


Honestly, WTF? Originally I was going to post something about an incantation of Doomrider, which read very much like a Judas Priest song, complete with double entendre lyrics. That was, until I just opened my email now and saw a newsletter from Grim Workshop. The heading read thus:

‘Divine intervention – the full Sisters of Battle range’

Now, having that subject line got me excited, blown into the beyond as quickly as it arrived upon opening said email:

‘Whether you’re looking to start a new Sisters of Battle army, or wanting to add to your existing one, has the full range of miniatures available to you. Head on over now to see the Sisterhood in all its glory.’

Seriously? are you frakking kidding me? I own ALL of the minis from the range, in multiples too, why the frak would I need more of the old shit? HELLO? the secondary market took care of my Sisters needs, getting a squad of sisters for the price of two blisters. Boring miniatures, boring poses, but hey! check out the website for all the shit you’ve seen already, but we took down for a few months!

Vampire counts have stolen any blood and thunder that could have been used to push the Sisters. Even the GW Facebook page is dominated by VC stuff, with barely anything pushed about Sisters, with the exception of a picture of some >yawn< cosplayers in Sisters gear.

I am now hearing that GW have themselves even said that they have no intention of releasing new minis, or indeed releasing the old shit in Finecast even. What the hell??

I know, i’m just having a belly rumble, but while everyone else (except Necrons and Tau) have new or newish books, minis, plastics etc, we Sisters fans are being royally fisted, and i’m not happy about that. I dunno, maybe Sisters have too much ‘original’ flavor to them still, and that doesn’t fit in with GW’s thinking any more. RARGH!!!!!


3 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – Sisters of Battle – underwhelmingly ‘meh’”

  1. poor hoags, It’s not your fault matt ward hates your army. You certainly are paying for it though lol.

    What would be/was the point of removing the line from sales if they weren’t going to do anything new with it? Not like that shit was flying off the shelves fast enough to create worry that there wouldn’t be enough when your WD codex update was released.

  2. I think one of the reasons was the stuff wasn’t flying off the shelf was because the models hadn’t changed in such a long time, people had nothing to go ‘oooooh’ at. Take Dark Eldar, for example, they were’nt exactly ‘popular’ before they got the reinvention, now they’re all over the frakkin place. Sisters stuff won’t sell right now because a) they have put the price up (a small squad of Sisters will set you back around $35, and thats just for six minis with bolters) add a sister superior to that for another $13 and suddenly the expensive army starts becoming more expensive, with no options for customization, weapon loadouts etc. It’s not going to grab the new kids by the short and curlies and appeal to the gamer ‘ooh, new stuff’ ADD. B) they are not planning on doing finecast, I mean, wtf is that about?

    I heard that the latest WD is sold out in a lot of places, which tells me either a whole slew of people really give a shit about Vampire Counts, or maybe, just maybe, people were actually excited about the prospect of a new Sisters ‘Dex. I net most of them were already existing Sisters players too…. I bet their reaction to paret one was like when you were a kid on christmas morning and you opened up a gift only to find it was a pair of socks or something. I honestly feel that GW have underestimated their fan base for this line, as well as the potential it could be for new players.

  3. I’m actually gonna pick up this months WD as well.

    Gotta keep up on the VC stuff ya know…

    Seriously, that its actually VC AND Blammo Nuns is whats gonna get me to pick it up.

    Might get off my ass and actually use that old shambling horde of zombies and skeletons someday.

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