A dream of wolves in the snow…

2 12 2010

OK, 1,000 extra internet cool points if you can guess the reference in the post title 🙂

I actually finished my Wolf Guard in TDA last night, and boy was I glad. I’m keen to get rolling on some other projects I have lined up. I’m guessing there is about 12 hours of work in this mini, give or take. I’m pleased with the results, although I have to say that the whole waterslide transfer thing on marine shoulder pads is very frustrating. 3 attempts at securing one on this shoulder guard (even with applying Microsol) proved fruitless and saw me wanting to take a hammer to the figure, as the Microsol actually started taking the paint off the mini.

After cooling my jets and repainting the shoulder guard, I though f*ck it, I’ll stick with what I know is a tried and tested method – hand painting the bastard on. So I did. I think it actually turned out pretty well.

I’m still going to have a shot at painting a Space Wolf in darker grey armor, to satisfy my curiosity, but it will have to wait for now.

In other news, my loyal Black Templars have been sorely neglected, but no longer! I bought a couple of torsos from Ebay from the ‘Masters of the Chapter’ set, with the intent of converting them into Castellans or Marshalls or something, to lead my zealous Templars into the fray.

My first selection was the Master of the Arsenal (not the football team!). I chose this basically because of the feet (nothing kinky). The feet look like they are from an old suit of armor, so that sold me straight away.  Over my lunch break yesterday I got to sketching a rough idea of what this chap will look like with some simple additions and converting. I’m still unsure on the power weapon, so that is subject to change. Here is what I have:

You can see my notes there too, as I would’ve probably forgotten which bits I needed.  My son saw this drawing when I took it home last night and wanted it, so I told him I would get a copy and he can color it for Daddy. I told him I’d post it on here before I stick it on the fridge too 🙂 Bless him!

OK, thats it for now. More to come shortly!

WIP update – Wolf Guard in TDA

1 12 2010

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

I decided to jump in and have a go at the December painting challenge over at Bolter & Chainsword to see if I could get this guy done. The deadline is 11.59 tonight, and I think I can do it. No prizes or anything, but I like doing these once in a while to get the firecracker up my arse that I need sometimes. I just need to finish up the gold/bronze areas and put the logo on his shoulder pad, oh and add some snow to the base. I may also add weathering but i’m not too sure i’m confident enough to do this yet.

I’m trying to up my skills, as I would like to submit an entry to Golden Demon when it returns to Chicago next year. I have a Wolf Lord that may well be the candidate for that…

In other news i’m hoping to finish up a couple of other projects so I can post up my epic Nurgle article that i’ve been planning. The end is definitley in sight! It’s actually such a big article, I may have to give it a page, instead of  just a post. We’ll see!

C+C welcome on wolfy up there, thanks for swinging by!



9 01 2010

..of my Fire Born auxiliary force for my Templars…

First couple of candidates:

Unto the Anvil of war!

Sisters of Battle FanFiction posted.

6 01 2010

I have started my own fanfiction dedicated to the Daughters of the Emperor. The first part can be seen over at https://whencannonsfade.wordpress.com/ante-mortem-sisters-of-battle-fanfiction/ Hope you enjoy it!

32nd Cadian – Inquisitorial Guard

22 07 2009

I’ve been working on more of my urban camo Imperial Guard. I pretty much have my first squad of 10 done. These are going to be veterans, as listed under the new IG Codex, which gives them some pretty sweet options and upgrades. Initially they were just going to be standard troops and thus would have standard insignia. I decided that with them being an allied force to the Daughters of the Emperor, that they should be more than just regular rank and file. Veterans seemed the way to go, as I figured that only the more battle-worn and experienced troops would be called upon by the Ecclesiarchy to support them.

I couldn’t decide on a ‘number’ for my IG, so, as I just celebrated my 32nd birthday last weekend, I figured that number was as good as any. I also decided that I wanted these veterans to show their allegience to the inquisition and incorporate that into the insignia that will be displayed on one of their shoulder pads. This is what I came up with:

32nd Division

32nd Division

Its just a rough idea right now. The skull will be simplified (if I have it on there at all) but this gives you a general idea of where it’s heading. It’ll simply be white, on black shoulder pads.

One thing thats bumming me out a little is that it doesn’t look llike i’ll be able to field Commisars with this little force, but i’ll have to re-read the info and see if I can get one in there.

Games Day Chicago!
This weekend sees myself, Evan and Colin hitting up Games Day, being held up at the Donald E Stephens Concention Center in Rosemont. I’m sure there will be plenty of stuff to buy (writing up my Forge World list right now!!) and plenty to see and do. It’s been about 16 years since I was at a GW event, so it will be interesting to see how it’s developed. I’ll write all about that after the weekend, and hopefully have some pictures too…

Thats it for now!

Honor – Valor – Pride!

Quick update – Nurgle Rhino WIP

16 12 2008

Hi all!

The work on the Nurgle Rhino is finally done. and ready for priming! In total there is about 5 hours work on this, and thats after the basic body was built. I finished the GS-ing last night, with the addition of the Nurgle icon eyeballs, and a couple more patches of goo. I added a couple of patches of sand as well here and there, which will be painted up like some sort of crusty disease when I paint it.  The only thing I need to do now is glue a spike on the (ex)Death Korps chap…

eyes to despise...

WIP – Destroyer Khador heavy Warjack

9 12 2008

As promised in my December painting challenge, work has begun on the Destroyer! Work has also started on Eiryss too, but I took this picture before that began, so I’ll post some more pictures later.


I want him to look work and battle weary. He’s going to have some rust spots and some chips, and snow clumped on him too. I was deliberatley slapdash with the highlighting to start giving him that ‘been in a few fights’ type look.