A dream of wolves in the snow…

OK, 1,000 extra internet cool points if you can guess the reference in the post title 🙂

I actually finished my Wolf Guard in TDA last night, and boy was I glad. I’m keen to get rolling on some other projects I have lined up. I’m guessing there is about 12 hours of work in this mini, give or take. I’m pleased with the results, although I have to say that the whole waterslide transfer thing on marine shoulder pads is very frustrating. 3 attempts at securing one on this shoulder guard (even with applying Microsol) proved fruitless and saw me wanting to take a hammer to the figure, as the Microsol actually started taking the paint off the mini.

After cooling my jets and repainting the shoulder guard, I though f*ck it, I’ll stick with what I know is a tried and tested method – hand painting the bastard on. So I did. I think it actually turned out pretty well.

I’m still going to have a shot at painting a Space Wolf in darker grey armor, to satisfy my curiosity, but it will have to wait for now.

In other news, my loyal Black Templars have been sorely neglected, but no longer! I bought a couple of torsos from Ebay from the ‘Masters of the Chapter’ set, with the intent of converting them into Castellans or Marshalls or something, to lead my zealous Templars into the fray.

My first selection was the Master of the Arsenal (not the football team!). I chose this basically because of the feet (nothing kinky). The feet look like they are from an old suit of armor, so that sold me straight away.  Over my lunch break yesterday I got to sketching a rough idea of what this chap will look like with some simple additions and converting. I’m still unsure on the power weapon, so that is subject to change. Here is what I have:

You can see my notes there too, as I would’ve probably forgotten which bits I needed.  My son saw this drawing when I took it home last night and wanted it, so I told him I would get a copy and he can color it for Daddy. I told him I’d post it on here before I stick it on the fridge too 🙂 Bless him!

OK, thats it for now. More to come shortly!

10 thoughts on “A dream of wolves in the snow…”

  1. The Terminator is simply stunning, excellent painting! Really looking forward to future Castellans/Marshals, and a colored drawing! His weapon looks a little like a Necron Warscythe, maybe you can do some converting with one of those?

  2. Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for subscribing, I look forward to your input! I actually scratch built a weapon for my Marshal, which I will (hopefully) showcasing tomorrow. I had a sort of spear/force weapon type thing in mind, and so far I am pretty pleased with it. I’ll be interested to see what he looks like painted up!

    How did you find my humble corner of teh interwebs?

  3. You are far above my level of experience, that’s for sure. I dream of the day that I master the blending technique the way you do.
    Found your blog while searching for posts similar to my own, both to get some inspiration and subtly promoting my own site. 🙂 Keep the paint flowing!

  4. Its just practice mate! thats all I can tell you! I’ll add your blog to my blog roll, and I would recommend joining up with the House of Paincakes too, tell Lauby and Dethtron that Hoagy sent you 🙂

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