32nd Cadian – Inquisitorial Guard

I’ve been working on more of my urban camo Imperial Guard. I pretty much have my first squad of 10 done. These are going to be veterans, as listed under the new IG Codex, which gives them some pretty sweet options and upgrades. Initially they were just going to be standard troops and thus would have standard insignia. I decided that with them being an allied force to the Daughters of the Emperor, that they should be more than just regular rank and file. Veterans seemed the way to go, as I figured that only the more battle-worn and experienced troops would be called upon by the Ecclesiarchy to support them.

I couldn’t decide on a ‘number’ for my IG, so, as I just celebrated my 32nd birthday last weekend, I figured that number was as good as any. I also decided that I wanted these veterans to show their allegience to the inquisition and incorporate that into the insignia that will be displayed on one of their shoulder pads. This is what I came up with:

32nd Division
32nd Division

Its just a rough idea right now. The skull will be simplified (if I have it on there at all) but this gives you a general idea of where it’s heading. It’ll simply be white, on black shoulder pads.

One thing thats bumming me out a little is that it doesn’t look llike i’ll be able to field Commisars with this little force, but i’ll have to re-read the info and see if I can get one in there.

Games Day Chicago!
This weekend sees myself, Evan and Colin hitting up Games Day, being held up at the Donald E Stephens Concention Center in Rosemont. I’m sure there will be plenty of stuff to buy (writing up my Forge World list right now!!) and plenty to see and do. It’s been about 16 years since I was at a GW event, so it will be interesting to see how it’s developed. I’ll write all about that after the weekend, and hopefully have some pictures too…

Thats it for now!

Honor – Valor – Pride!

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