Horus Lupercal – Work begins!

By The Emperor! I spent two hours kicking off the saga that will be painting the Forge World Horus figure… and it looks like I’ve done nothing! Now I had made a sort-of-unofficial vow that I wouldn’t post WIP pictures on here anymore, as for a while that’s all this blog seemed to consist of, but as this will be a rather large ongoing project I feel it’s OK in this case.

My buddy Matt, back across the pond in Old Blighty, is joining me on this quest and painting his Horus up as well. I’ll be pulling together progress pics from him as well and actually making a cohesive post about this project, but for now, here’s my progress shot. BEHOLD!


Is it bad that I’m not a huge fan of the massively ornamental base he comes with? Anyhoo… this should be interesting.

Ta ta for now!

2 thoughts on “Horus Lupercal – Work begins!”

  1. If that colour green is going to be indicative of the final armour then I’m looking forward to this a lot. And as you say, damn that is a lot of detail on the model. I don’t envy you this!

  2. @backtothehammer cheers mate! This is going to have to be done in bite-size pieces methinks, else I’ll drive myself mad haha! It won’t be a Golden Demon entry by any stretch, but he’ll look nice from arms length I’m hoping!

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