WIP update – Wolf Guard in TDA

1 12 2010

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

I decided to jump in and have a go at the December painting challenge over at Bolter & Chainsword to see if I could get this guy done. The deadline is 11.59 tonight, and I think I can do it. No prizes or anything, but I like doing these once in a while to get the firecracker up my arse that I need sometimes. I just need to finish up the gold/bronze areas and put the logo on his shoulder pad, oh and add some snow to the base. I may also add weathering but i’m not too sure i’m confident enough to do this yet.

I’m trying to up my skills, as I would like to submit an entry to Golden Demon when it returns to Chicago next year. I have a Wolf Lord that may well be the candidate for that…

In other news i’m hoping to finish up a couple of other projects so I can post up my epic Nurgle article that i’ve been planning. The end is definitley in sight! It’s actually such a big article, I may have to give it a page, instead of  just a post. We’ll see!

C+C welcome on wolfy up there, thanks for swinging by!





4 responses

2 12 2010
Papa JJ

Wow, it looks like you’ve pushed to a new level with your painting on this one. He seems to me to be more like a 40k graphic novel character than a painted miniature. I think he definitely has a comic book art quality to him… very cool!

2 12 2010
bG - Andy

Looking absolutely amazing, the highlighting on the armour really pops and looks very well blended in.

Great work

2 12 2010

Thanks Jason! I’m very pleased with him, and shortly I’ll be posting up the finished article. I may still try and have a go at doing a darker grey, just to test the waters…

2 12 2010

Thanks mate! I’m really trying to push myself on my minis now, i’m glad it’s paying off!

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