Stop the press! Sisters of Battle rumors?? never!

6 01 2011

haha! well, after years of reading through ‘rumors’ (read: wishlisting) on numerous forums, accurate rumor veteran Stickmonkey has come through for us Sisters fans. You can read the info HERE 

From what he’s given up, it should be very exciting when the new, improved Battle Sisters roll out. You know what this will also mean – PLASTICS!

My money is on something being announced in some fashion at Games Day/Golden Demon.

Thanks Evan for making my Thursday more bearable!

>end transmission<




6 responses

6 01 2011

crap, I was going to mention that to you. Looks as though you beat me to the punch.

6 01 2011

Well, thanks for the thought anyway me ol’ 5 speed gearbox!

6 01 2011
Papa JJ

For me at least, plastic sisters = new army. I’m reserving my spot on the bandwagon now.

6 01 2011

A gimme a hell yeah! >cyber hi-five<

6 01 2011

Can you save a seat for me on that bandwagon?

Can you imagine a proper 5th edition adeptus sororitas army? Good heavens! I know I can!

6 01 2011

I’ll be driving the bloody wagon! all aboard! woot woot!

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