War-torn and bleeding…

7 11 2008

Can you see the dawn approach?
or see the fire in the sky?
Now the closing chapter of humanity,
the inevitable fate of mankind

Can you still believe in hope
on this darkest day you have known?
Will you still thank your precious god
or have the seeds of doubt been sown?

Will you admire the landscape
of broken bodies, of fallen men?
will you know the falling rain
as it burns onto your skin?

Devastation – untold
Pain and misery
the dying breath of hope
war-torn and bleeding…

Will you attempt in vain
to wash the bloodstains from your hands?
will you stop to lament the lost
their lives offered in your name?

Like a statue will you stand and stare
as though a cenotaph of despair
an inscription no-one will read
in this your final hour of need…





4 responses

7 11 2008
Iron Lich Asphyxious

You will perish from the death and chaos the mighty cryx will bring upon the Khadorian nation!!!!

7 11 2008

Whatever, old ‘Gaspy’ 🙂

7 11 2008
Iron Lich Asphyxious

there it is. dont lie you know you are worried about the Nightmare, Reaper, Deathjack and my new caster Aspyxious coming to town and reaking havoc.

9 11 2010
When Cannons Fade – 2 years old! « When Cannons Fade…

[…] I opened the doors to the blog with lyrics to a song I wrote many years ago, which will end up on a Crusader album at some point. The song is called ‘War-Torn and Bleeding’ and I think set the tone for what was to come: http://whencannonsfade.com/2008/11/07/war-torn-and-bleeding/ […]

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