Games Day pics and other stuff!

OK, so, I only took a couple of pictures at Games Day, as there really wasn’t that much to take pictures of, unless you had some super-duper camera with ultra-macro zoom.

I took a bunch of pictures of other stuff as well, like minis and armies, but it was so difficult to snap anything, as there were angled plastic cases they were all behind, which did a great job of reflecting light at you. Oh well. I was actually very suprised to see how many hits this page has had since my original GD post.

In other news, I recently accquired Vulkan He’Stan. I had seen the picture of him in the GW catalogue, sorry, White Dwarf, a few months back and liked the mini. I thought a small contingent of Salamander Space Marines to assist my Templars would be a good idea, so I called up the GW store in Skokie to see if they had him in stock. The voice on the other end told me it was direct order only. What a pain in the ass! I went up to my LGS the day after and there he was, so I bought him from there instead. I really wish they (GW) would carry their ranges (especially new metal character minis) in the stores, as not everyone wants to use the net. They seem to be pushing more and more blisters out of their stores in favor of the boxed sets.

It looks as though the group I game with are gearing up for a campaign of some description – the Invasion of LaPorte is the working title for now. More on that as it happens.

Well, thats it for now, thanks for reading!

From the trenches


4 thoughts on “Games Day pics and other stuff!”

  1. I’d love to see a pic of how Hestan comes unassembled, i.e. how many and what pieces. And Khan too, although I know he’s not on the table. 😉

    You realise you can order Direct Only items through your local GW store, right? No need to use the net and no shipping costs to pay either. Still, your LGS won out in this case LOL! 😀

  2. indeed, the problem with going to the store and ordering is that if you are making the effort to go there, you should be able to pick it up. I don’t get the GW retail model at all. Still, its always good to support an independent stockist 🙂 I’ll get a shot of He’Stan in unassembled form so you can check him out. He’s a pretty hefty chunk o’ metal!

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