Black Templar Assault squad

16 11 2009

Just finished these bad boys last night. I have been toying with the idea of weathering the jetpacks, although i’m not too sure. Let me know what you think!




Obviously I still have to paint the bases, but I wanted to get them posted šŸ™‚

Now, what next? Terminators? Land speeder??

*scratches chin thoughtfully*




4 responses

29 11 2009

These look even more awesome in person on the tabletop man.

13 11 2010
Richard the Turd

Lookin cool m8, would love 2 c what u could with Death Company. šŸ™‚

14 11 2010

Best screen name ever lol! cheers mate!

Death Company eh?…>scratches chin thoughtfully<

2 03 2011
100th Post! Today is Old Stuff Day… Black Templars revisited! « When Cannons Fade…

[…] 2009 sees the appearance of my Black Templar Assault Marines. Exactly as the label […]

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