Sisters ‘Angels of Deliverance’ Seraphim.

Well, I finally finished my Seraphim squad for my Sisters army.  I had one casualty while I was painting these, one of them fell over and the backpack pinged off. After an outburst of cursing it was taken care of, but this goes to show how unbalanced these minis are. Very top heavy. Take into account this was also on a flat surface. As anyone who has played against my sisters at Colins place will attest, they fall about all over the place as though the were drunk off their asses.  I have noticed, since taking these pictures last night and uploading them this morning, that there are a couple of touch ups I need to do, but anyway, here they are:

And there we have it. As I had mentioned in previous posts, I hope that we SoB players won’t have to wait too much longer for some updates, and new minis. With the recent Blood Angels release, with the fast attack squad having some pretty sweet ‘feathered’ wings, could this be a pointer for what else is in store…? Plastics are definitely the way forward, its just unfortunate that some of us are being held back.

C+C welcome!


9 thoughts on “Sisters ‘Angels of Deliverance’ Seraphim.”

  1. lookin’ good Hoagerynomous! As to the top heavy thing, have you considered adding weight to the underside of the bases? Fishing weights are cheap to get a hold of and easy to flatten to the proper size.

  2. I had thought about that, but the problem I have at the moment is the surface that I play on. There is a lot of large chunks in the sand thats on Colin’s gaming table, and its that which is causing me some issues with the FNoD. Colin had mentioned sanding it down a little and redoing the surface, and if he does, i’ll definitely go that route. I’ll have to wait and see for now, and be extra careful! 🙂 Thanks for the kudos mate!

  3. first off, spanktastic minis. Really dig the richness of the cream colored robes. that sounded kind of dirty, in hindsight…..

    secondly, you leave my gaming surface out of this. buy some spray varnish and suck it up 🙂

  4. The paint job is top notch. Minis always seem to look worse under that close scrutiny, but they are fantastic looking. Great job!

    I also love the paint scheme. If I ever get around to doing a sisters army, then they will look an awful lot like these girls.

    Consider the paint scheme stolen. Too bad I can’t get the paint job stolen too . . .

  5. Lol! thanks Michael, I appreciate your kind words, and would be flattered if you took the same scheme. All I ask is for some pictures when you are done!

  6. I’ve always like the looks of the Sisters, but haven’t collected any. This makes me want to start an army of ’em. Something that’s always held me back is how to paint hair. You’ve done it right here, as well as the red and cream scheme. Very nicely done!

  7. thanks ToK! the hair is sooper easy to do. For the lighter shades it was simply a foundation wash over white. For the browns it was whatever brown you want, then, same again, wash with a foundation wash. Sometimes you don’t need complex paint procedures to get a good result 🙂

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