Painting Black Templar marines

I just finished up a couple of articles (over there, in the ‘pages’ section ==>) on painting Black Templars. There is also a separate page for painting the robes, as I have had numerous requests as to how to do it. Hopefully  it will give you all a helping hand to get your loyalist zealots on the field quicker! I may add a couple more pictures up in the article, but my camera seems to be acting up, so I want to get that sorted out. Grrr!

You can clicky on this linky right here to get to the article.

Let me know what you think!



4 thoughts on “Painting Black Templar marines”

  1. good stuff man. Though I think that you should make it more clear exactly which menoth white you’re using since it comes in two flavors – base and highlight. Could be confusing for the guys who don’t use the P3 range.

    God, I hope I didn’t just come off as pedantic.

  2. Not at all mate, but i’m pretty sure that it just says Menoth White on the pot, but I’ve had it for a while… lol!

  3. Great tutorials, I think they’re both really useful. I started assembling some Black Legion guys last summer but held off on painting them as I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Once I get back to that project I think I’ll try following your methods. I’ve also been trying to break out of that same habit of spending too much time on even basic troopers so this comes as very timely advice for me. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

  4. Absolutely my pleasure mate! This will at least give you some foundation. You may wish to do it a little more in depth, or not, its totally up to you! I’d like to see some of your Black Legion when you get some done.

    Good luck!

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