INCOMING… Tomb Kings!


This made my sullen Monday, which included missing my train to work after a somewhat surreal weekend, a lot sunnier. As a Tomb Kings player, I was beginning to think that these guys would be put on a back burner (like every other army I play) but it would seem I was wrong! This morning I received an email from Games Workshop with a little taster teaser of what is to come. A new piece of art, and a couple of little pictures which appears to be parts of  new minis!

Does this mean new plastic skeletons??? Does this mean some decent looking Liche Priests that don’t look like some shitty rip-offs of the Universal Pictures creatures from ‘The Mummy’? Will we even have mummies??? Will we have plastic Tomb Guard??? Will we have a Bone Giant that doesn’t look like a dead Care Bear? Will be have machines of destruction that aren’t a f*cking nightmare to put together?? oooh the possibilities!!!

My thoughts on the ‘teasers’ – i’m thinking one is definitely a Tomb King, possibly Settra or maybe even Queen Khalida? Not too sure on the other though…

Happy Monday(s)!

5 thoughts on “INCOMING… Tomb Kings!”

  1. I still think it’s a Sphinx! Also, I’ve been hearing rumors that GW is happy with the current looks of their Tomb Kings, so maybe it’s going to be a no on the new plastic skeletons. ;( Also, fucking agree. The Screaming Skull Catapult is a disaster and a half to build. I actually hurt myself while building it and it got me and my friend so frustrated that we got in a fight.

  2. Wow! really??? thats messed up! you shouldn’t be fighting about that lol! My SSC is still only semi-built, as NOTHING seemed to hold it together, I even resorted to trying a hot glue gun (shudder) just to try and hold the pieces in places. No luck.

    It certainly would be cool if they had a Sphinx type beast (in my minds eye it’s be similar in size to a Dragon Ogre maybe?). I’m hoping that they would at least add something to the TK skele frames then, like more egypt style heads and weapons, as the hand weapons and some of the skulls look destinctly medieval Europe in style.

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