2 thoughts on “Leaked Tomb Kings pictures??”

  1. Whoa, those are crazy models! It’s good to see Tomb Kings will be getting some creative and interesting new toys. I really like that big warsphinx guy with the howdah… cool! Looks like it could be a fun army book for you to use. Thanks again for inviting me out to the show last weekend, I had a great time with you and the guys. It was a pleasure meeting you!

  2. The pleasure was ours mate! thanks again for your support, and thanks for hanging out. Next time we’ll have more time to goof about 🙂

    I’m really liking the new TK stuff, and it has totally relit the fires for me. I’ve been getting all my troops painted up so I can work on some of this new special stuff. I’m very excited about the new Tomb Guard too!

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