Tomb Kings Prince Apophas – my first Finecast

I just finished this chappy tonight. I have to say, I’m pleased with the paint job (although not too pleased how the pictures came out). I painted the pumice sand up onto the bottom of the figure, to give the impression that he’s just burst up from beneath the sand (as he does in the game). This was my first foray into the world of Games Workshop’s new Finecast material. It’s a little odd to work with. It’s like working with resin in some respects, and not in others. I think that  once they work out the kinks in their quality control(?) department, it’ll be awesome. The stuff goes together well, and takes paint well. I have heard horror stories that this stuff will melt though, so don’t leave it in your car in the middle of summer…

Anyhoo, onto the mini:

I just realized I need to tidy up the blue wash on that blade a little…

The fact that this dude is made up of swarming bugs appealed to me. He sort of epitomizes the essence of what got me into fantasy gaming when I was younger.

I like the contrasts of the darker blue of the scarab carapaces and the light blue of the tilework on his gear.



I love the posing, like he’s about to grab some poor bastard before sending their soul to the Usirian depths…

While painting Tomb Kings, I find it helps to listen to these chaps:

7 thoughts on “Tomb Kings Prince Apophas – my first Finecast”

  1. Thank you sir! i’m actually thinking of carrying over the scheme onto the rest of my army, specifically the Tomb Guard.

  2. Yeah, great job! Shame the photographs came out a tab bit yellowish like you mentioned above. I heard the same thing about the finecast though I didn’t hear about it actually melting, just drooping but like you said best to keep the finecast models out of extreme heat if possible. The drooping more than likely would ruin the paint job and that would be a shame for anyone to put in so much time and have it go up in smoke/droop.


  3. Yeah, i’m a little worried about that lol! I have the sprues left over from the Ushabti. Maybe a time for some experiments…


  4. Yes, i’ve painted it yet. But I hate it, so I overpainted it Chaos Black again. I’ll start painting it the second time.

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