Battles and Brotherhood! Painting project is GO!

I got together with my cohort Matty in the UK, via email, to put together a buddy project. As this will be a pseudo series over the next couple of weeks, I started it’s own page over there ===========> Or, if you’re too lazy to look, you could always teleport there using this nifty link:

So, go check it out, go on!


2 thoughts on “Battles and Brotherhood! Painting project is GO!”

  1. Just an FYI, came across some Beastmen Battle Magic Cards on ebay for $15.00… I know you were looking for some. Did you by chance see the new releases coming soon for Beatmen?

  2. Hi Thomas, good to hear from you!

    I have not heard about new releases, do tell me more! I’ll check out the ‘Bay for those cards, thanks for the heads up!

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