Reinvent, reinvigorate, reorganize; Or how I learned how to stop worrying and love my hobby.

Welcome back, dear readers, to this latest entry from the WCF bunker. It’s been a long minute since I last posted and honestly it’s really just because I had a lack of interest. No other excuses! Actually, in all fairness that’s not entirely true. I’ve still been painting and gaming, along with putting together a ‘project’ business – Lord Chaos – which is my first foray into the world of resin casting designer ‘toys’. Me and the family moved into a new place last summer as well. I’ve also been spending more time expanding my already huge Masters of the Universe collection too. All this, along with the arrival of my second child recently has ensured I’ve had little time to devote to my sadly neglected blog. As I originally started this venture when my first son was born, it seemed appropriate that I resurrect it with my second arrival, so here we are! I dropped a bunch of stuff from here (you may notice the right bar looks a little lighter than it used to), and I’ve lost the domain name, as I refused to pay $100 for a blog name. I may switch to another hosting site down the road, but for now I’ll continue as is, and if we get some momentum I’ll re-evaluate.

Anyway, plans are afoot, and you’ll be seeing some changes around here very soon. I wonder if I’ll still show up in the IHOP blogger feed?

Coming up this week: my first product review of 2016: Amazon bikers from Prodos Games – Should wearing helmets be mandatory? Stay tuned!


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