PanO Fusiliers and Dronbot. Pew pew!

rolled an 8…

Yes! another strike from the D20 list that I chatted about in my previous post – 3 PanOceania Fusiliers with Combi Rifles. I’ve ordered decals for the shoulder pads, but I don’t have them yet, but the paint is DONE! I’m really liking the overall feel I’m getting with these, and happy that my tabletop quality isn’t looking too bad:

Securing the area.

The wifey rolled the next entry for me, scoring a 17 – a random Deep Wars Fortune Hunter. I had 3, so I then had her roll a D3 and that got me a Recon Trooper. I’ll have to put this on the back burner for the next few days as I’m also currently working on a  piece that I’ll be entering into a painting competition at Grognard Games. It’s a 40K competition, so you have to buy a 40K character mini and paint it. The first prize is a copy of Necromunda, and the runner up prize is an army starter box of your choice. It’s a great competition, I love Nurgle, so it’s a win win all round, as I bought one of the new ‘Foul Blightspawn’ minis, so even if I don’t win anything, I have a great new piece for the collection. Here is a sneak peek:

Let there be rot…

That’s it for today, keep on painting!


2 thoughts on “PanO Fusiliers and Dronbot. Pew pew!”

  1. Very impressive work, especially for ‘table top quality’.

    I love the idea of randomising your next miniatures, though I don’t think it would really work for me as I try to paint whatever is inspiring me most at the time.

  2. @Argentbadger – Thanks! I’m lucky in that the games that these miniatures are from are things i’m interested in and get pretty excited about anyway, so it’s relatively easy in that respect. The other thing is that it’s kinda giving me a poke in the ribs to ‘keep on truckin’ because I’m so over looking at unpainted/primed stuff lol!

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