Score! Some retro GW figures – Cheap!

A chance visit to my local Half Price Books yielded an awesome result a week or so ago. Sitting out in the open was this little beauty:

Pew pew!

Of course I swooped on it, especially for a mere $10! I wanted a set of these to paint up and possibly use in Judge Dredd as Juvies or something. It was a complete set too! I love finding some of the older stuff out in the wild still. The thrill of the hunt! (Even though I wasn’t on ‘the hunt’ that day). 


So I’m considering picking up the new Necromunda, I really like the new Escher minis and I’m really liking the small scale skirmish games GW is finally embracing (again. It took how long for them to realize?). What’s everyone’s thoughts on it? Should I get it, or would I be better off picking up Kill Team?


7 thoughts on “Score! Some retro GW figures – Cheap!”

  1. I’m probably not the best person to answer this, I haven’t played the original Necromunda, not the new Kill Team. I have played the basic rules for the new Necromunda, and found it to be pretty easy to get into, though I wanted more depth to the game. They have since released a number of Gang War books, with each expanding the game more and more. Though at the cost of now having 5 or so rulebooks. I keep hoping they will release one nicely edited reference rulebook. I imagine that would be in the works at some point. They sort of did that with the Blood Bowl almanac (including all rules except the ones from the box), and it’s the same Specialist team, so maybe someday?

  2. I actually hadn’t played the original Necromunda either, though I did always like the figures. I played a demo game of the new Kill Team about 2 weeks ago, and it was quite fun, and I really liked that it was small squad level skirmishing. This means I could essentially get a basic squad from all the factions I liked but never wanted to sink on getting (and painting) an army. That said, I like the industrial hell that is the look of Necromunda. I hear you though about all the books and hoping for a condensed and concise rulebook eventually. I appreciate your input! 🙂

  3. Wow, my jaw hit the floor when I saw that boxed set. At $10 that’s the deal of the century. Yet another reason why Half Price Books is the absolute best.

  4. Thanks! Yeah, I was pretty excited when I saw it, and even more so for the price! These will end up in my Judge Dredd game eventually 🙂

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