Matt Weighs In: Bestial Devastation

This week my partner in paint is leading the charge, for which I am very grateful. I’ve just moved into a new place and it is organized chaos right now.

This weeks item on the painting table: Rogue Trader era Imperial Guard Beastman. Take it away Matt!

“So still living under a form of lockdown at weekends/rest days (I drive trains so at least I do get out) has given me more time to tackle the stockpile. This entry was meant to be completed last week but a last minute call from work and I ended up hot footing it to London last Sunday to cover a colleague who became ill.

Anyways I wanted to do another old School mini and this particular one I knew was a favourite of mine and Paul’s – so I present the imperial guard beast man…

They went thataway!

I love the concept of the imperial beastman and was always curious about the dichotomy they represented – a loyal mutant who worships the emperor but is detested by the very people it fights for. Being an ‘abhuman’ put them in the cross hairs of scrutiny for the Inquisition, though they were inducted into the service of the Emperor.

The old rules state that when fighting against chaos beastmen they could turn traitor… yet the model has a marine killing plasma pistol and a guardsmen rending chain sword… this highlights the utter lunacy of early 40K – miniatures made for the sake of them being a cool concept and to hell with the canon!

My introduction to Imperial Guard beastmen was through epic 40K . I had the Guard box set so already being familiar with the chaos beastmen it was a treat to add some cool variety to the massed ranks of loyalist Guard. I loved throwing them at the enemy and was always chuffed if they survived the battle.

I believe Games Workshop produced two Guard beastmen in 40k scale*. This guy is clearly meant to be an “officer” hence his potent weaponry (but little in the way of armor. Again, to hell with canon and logistics!).

Fast forward to today and of course Forgeworld has produced a nod to the past with a beastman bounty hunter for necromunda.

The mini itself as you would expect is metal and the casting is a little rough in places but that’s part of the charm. Painting wise I’ve tried to keep him old school with hazard stripes, red plating on gun etc. Colour-wise I used the following:

  • Flesh – Foundry’s Africa range with 3-stage highlight.
  • Metal – gun metal washed with Devlan Mud dry brushed up with silver.
  • Red – Blood Red highlighted up with Flaming Orange.
  • Leather/horns-  Snakebite Leather highlighted up with Bleached Bone.

The model was brought by the classic rocktastic sounds of:

  • Rush
  • Steely Dan
  • Cathedral
  • Rosalie Cunningham (of Purson fame – acquaint yourselves!)
  • Molly Hatchet

What’s next? More Squats? An old school Ogryn? Certainly something old I reckon!!!!”

Well thanks again Matty! Another great trip down memory lane with this old RT miniature! In fact when Matt told me he was doing this mini, it inspired me to pull out an old kitbash IG beastman I put together a few years back. Here is the result:

Had a lot of fun painting this guy, so thanks for prompting me to get some paint on him, Matt!

* Games Workshop actually released three miniatures under the Imperial Guard Beastmen: The figure Matt painted, a sweet beastman in IG uniform clutching a las rifle, and the third looked like a regular chaos dude, wielding a mace and a sword, If I remember correctly. I think his name was ‘Cannon Fodder’ or something…

More soon!



4 thoughts on “Matt Weighs In: Bestial Devastation”

  1. Very cool – love the old-school beastmen (I had them but sold them back in the day… sniff) and your modern conversion is excellent – a concept I’ve been tempted by on more than one occasion!

  2. Thanks very much!! It seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a quick ‘vanity project’ to compliment Matts article. I had a couple of the RT era beastmen back in the day, but probably got sold or traded (seriously, why do we do these things? lol!). Obviously now ‘Imperial Guard’ beastmen are a common conversion favorite, and there are several other mini companies (Victoria Miniatures, for one) who make gorgeous figures that would definitely scratch that itch if you wanted these in your army. I’d love to see your take on this!

  3. Really sweet painting, and I loved that kitbash too. Like Azazel, I have long been tempted with conversions using the Cadian torsos and arms and Gor legs and heads. Victoria minis are indeed amazing but I think that in some fantasy world in which I have time to paint such an army I would go for one of their superb human ranges.

  4. Thank you sir! I agree though, the Victoria Minis human ranges are superb! I can’t buy more minis right now. I’m sitting on a mountain of unpainted stuff… >hangs head in shame<

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