Starting young!

Imagine how proud I felt when these pictures came through on my phone. Mini me is already getting interested in ‘raghrrrs’ (monsters).

4 thoughts on “Starting young!”

  1. Too awesome. Maybe we will be able to get another member for our group after all….

  2. Haha! That’s great news… get ’em on the right track early! At 18 months now my daughter loves trying to grab my paints and brushes so I’m hopeful that means I’ll be able to get her to paint my armies in a few years. Meanwhile I have a 6 year old nephew who wants me to teach him to play “Wammer Hammer” as he calls it. Good times ahead, I think.

  3. Thats awesome man! in fact, just now he was pointing to my work station and was saying ‘daddy, paint?’ But I like your thinking, if I start training him now, maybe I can get him to do my Lizardmen for me haha!

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