Time to take my (war)hammer to my minis…

Gah! Summer, humidity and 90 degree heat have given me little to no interest in painting. I just can’t focus on the work. That and also a bunch of my paints decided to dry up as well. I’m not exactly sure how some of this crap dries out so quickly, it’s not like I leave the damn paint pots sitting out in the open for hours. I mean, some of them were almost full too, wtf? If it hasn’t dried up completely, its turned into something resembling the consistency of toothpaste.

To top all that off, I actually made myself sit down and start on a Lizardman mini the other night to test out a couple of the colors I had in mind. I was not happy with the results. so for now, he is the ‘blue turd’, until I can redo the paint job. Huzzah for test minis, and a big ‘GFY’ to blue inkwashes.

I was beginning to feel guilty that I was playing more video games that getting time in painting, then I realized ‘hey, it’s a hobby, ffs, you do it for enjoyment, right?’ so, self justification achieved, and another slew of zombies bite the dust while fighting my way through Louisiana with nothing but a couple of handguns, an AK-47 and a bottle of puke…

Thats all I got for now. So, bugger off, before I set the dawgs on yer!


2 thoughts on “Time to take my (war)hammer to my minis…”

  1. Man, sorry to hear that the blue ink wash idea went so wrong.

    You’re a smart guy, though. You’ll figure something out.

    also, did you see my own test skink that I stuck in the box I sent you?

  2. You know what matey, I haven’t even had chance to take them out of the box yet, I shall do that this very eve!

    Not to worry about the wash. Some of the washes seem to have a weird sheen to them, almost like the in in a ball point pen kind of sheen, its very odd!

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