First game of DeepWars.

It’s behind me, isn’t it…?

I’m super excited to be heading out to Adepticon tomorrow, to see all the cool stuff that I can’t afford, but mostly because I want to see if there will be any sneak peeks of the new Sisters of Battle.

Anyhoo, last week I sallied forth up to Grognard Games and played my first ever game of DeepWars by Antimatter Games, a rule set based on the Song of Blades and Heroes engine by Ganesha Games. It was actually at Adepticon a few years back that I saw the demo games being played there and was immediately struck by the fact that this was a game set in the unfathomable deeps, where dive-suit clad fortune hunters pit their wits against all manner of enemies in the quest for fortune and glory. (Unashamed Indiana Jones reference there, kid).

To be honest, the game was a bit of a blur. I’d been up since 4am that morning, so I think I was a bit delirious! it was a lot of fun though, and I’m still very much learning the mechanics, which flowed pretty smooth after me and my buddy Ryan figured out what was what.

My Bushido board doing double duty as an underwater battleground…

Ryan fielded the Dark Mariners faction (gribbly, Cthulhu-esque creeps in barnacle covered plate armor), while I took them on with the Fortune Hunters (humans in deep dive suits and some ether tech).

Right in the first turn, Ryan successfully activated his troops and was right up in my grill firing energy weapons at my troops. After flubbing my rolls, I said goodbye to my first Fortune Hunter thanks to gruesome death, while the other one who was close by, having witnessed his mate get vaporized, routed straight off the board, leaving only my boarding mech and medical officer. (This was going to be a quick game…).

This picture should’ve actually gone first… note I have more figures in this one…

My mech eventually got a successful activation and succeeded in taking out a couple of the Dark Mariners. I think I actually ended up winning the game simply because the only models Ryan had left, a Siren Maneater and a Crab swarm thingy couldn’t really do anything to the mech. I literally threw the 2 lists together out of the blue, having never played, so wasn’t sure what was what and what should be a ‘must have’ vs a scenario specific troop.

All in all it was great, and once we got rolling it moved pretty quickly. I like that the rules are modular and you don’t have to learn everything at once. Hopefully more games will be coming soon.

In the effort to get factions painted for this (so far the Dark Mariners are the only one I can field a painted force with), I’ve started on my Ancients of Atalan, the first up being the Conjuror of the Ethers:

I know I know, I need better lighting.

I really dig the sculpt on this figure. She’s graceful but looks like she’s about to summon a world of pain on some poor bugger. Love the flipper/feet thing too. I’m still undecided whether its part of her, or some kind of suit.

More DeepWars goodness to come soon. Thanks for reading!

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