Pantheon of Chaos – Warband nostalgia!

Now that Chiberia/Ice Planet Hoth seems to be retreating, life seems to be returning to normal. I recently picked up a copy of ‘A Song of Blades and Heroes’ by Ganesha Games as I wanted to use a simple and fun rule set to give me an excuse to put together a warband using the Pantheon of Chaos figures I picked up a little while ago through the Knightmare Miniatures Kickstarter campaigns.

My plan is to put together a Chaos warband with a motley mix of dwarves, trolls, beastmen (beastpeople??), chaos warriors and the like. It’ll be between 5-10 models, which at the moment is the sweet spot for keeping my interest in a game and actually being able to paint a force.

So far I’ve managed to get 2 figures painted up, a Chaos Dwarf (who looks like he could easily hang with the old GW Chaos Dwarf Renegades) and a little imp who could be quite comfortable amongst the old GW familiars.

Yep, those are blue hands for feet!

Note the POC (Pantheons of Chaos) letters on the staff head. Cheeky little bugger!

Now that I’ve got painting red out of my system (I feel a lot more comfortable painting it now) I’ll be moving onto the other members of the warband in due course. I will however, really have to get some paint on my Horus figure, as my buddy Matt is getting impatient lol! More news on the warband and playing some SoBaH soon, I just wanted to post these guys.


2 thoughts on “Pantheon of Chaos – Warband nostalgia!”

  1. @Azazel, thanks! Yeah, the PoC miniatures are straight out of the old Realm of Chaos hardback books (I mean, LITERALLY!)
    Cheers mate!

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