Painted stuff!

Bloody hell. September? WTF??? Work has had me with my nose definitely at the grindstone. In fact, I haven’t picked up a paintbrush in over a month, which just won’t do. Since my last post, though, I have been busy painting and playing (yes actually playing!) More after the jump…

Strontium Dog

So I picked up Strontium Dog, the starter set a few months back. Painted up the ‘good guys’ (Johnny Alpha, Wulf Sternhammer and The Gronk), and assembled and based the bad guys. Here’s the SD Agents:

Wild West shenanigans with mutants in a futuristic frontier world setting? sign me up! Actually managed to get a game in with a buddy up at Grognard Games. It was relatively easy to pick up and in no time we had played a couple games in one sitting. Lots of fun, and the games mechanic is simple enough, but with a card system that throws in variables to keep things interesting. Really looking forward to see where Warlord Games is going to take this.


Normally I don’t do commissions, at least not anymore. I find they get in the way of me painting my own stuff, which then makes it a chore, and something I don’t want to do. I’ll very occasionally make an exception, like these cute little buggers that my friend picked up at Adepticon. They started life as this gorgeous semi-clear blue resin, but he wanted them painted up for a birthday present for his daughter, so, voila!

“My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!”

My esteemed friend Colin (who used to be Dethtron, back in the blogging days of yore) has pretty much dropped off the wargame radar in favor of DMing Dungeons and Dragons adventures, of which I’m also involved. I painted up a couple pieces for his collection of monster denizens that he’ll undoubtedly unleash on us one day. My character is an Elf Druid, who rescued an orphaned Owlbear cub, whom I named Skadi. Colin had the Reaper Bones Black Owlbear mini and asked me to paint it up for him:

He also has the Bones T-Rex he asked me to paint too. I agonized over this for a while as to what color to paint it, here’s what I settled on:

Can you guess what inspired the color? Nope, it wasn’t bloody Barney!

Tyrantisaurus Rex from the Masters of the Universe “Powers of Grayskull” vintage toy line.

Other stuff

What else has been going on? I’m too lazy to type it all out right now, so here’s the list:

  • Playing Warcry – Iron Golems (for now). How bloody good is this game????
  • Went down another rabbit hole >facepalm< Started buying up a Daughters of Khaine army for Warcry/Age of Sigmar
  • Bought into Relicblade – an uproariously fun time, low model count and low dollar buy-in. Plus Sean, the one-man machine behind it all, is a sterling chap. Go and give him some love with your wallet: RelicBlade
  • Got all giggly round the wiggly bits at all the new Sisters of Battle news coming from Games Workshop and immediately bought the new miniature that came out. Already put my name in at my FLGS for the army box when it drops in November.
  • Picked up Storm Strike to acquaint myself with the AoS rules, and also the undead figures are gorgeous. I actually find myself liking the Sigmarines a little now.
  • Ashamedly didn’t do a gosh-darned thing with Infinity. I’ll rectify that at some point soon.
  • Painted up this guy:
Tom Selleck.

That’s it for now. More nonsense coming soon!

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