Blast from the past – Some old minis

Night Goblin fanatic – old GW miniature

Taking a quick trip in the ol’ TARDIS today so lets see where we end up…

Some ancient Greeks for De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA).

Not too long ago, a friend of mine from the Old Country sent me some pictures of miniatures that I painted back in the early 90’s when I worked in his collector/hobby/model store, aptly named ‘Time Machine’. I often see people posting comparison pictures of when they first got into the hobby vs. how their miniatures look now, and I lament that I basically sold off everything many moons ago when I was finding myself in the universe.

Seeing some of my old brushwork from back in the day when I could barely even grow a wispy goatee beard was a great little trip down memory lane, so I wanted to share them here. Some are a little knocked about, but are in surprisingly good condition considering the journey they’ve been on.

25mm ACW Union infantryman from Dixon Miniatures
25mm ACW ‘Iron Brigade’ Union infantry from Foundry Miniatures

Being a former American Civil War reenactor, it was a given that that hobby would seep into my tabletop gaming interest too. I’ve always liked ancients as well, and at some point had a DBA army comprising Greeks, here’s whats left:

You’ll notice that a base of Wars of the Roses pikemen snuck in on the end there hehe.

One of my personal favorites from the photos my buddy sent was this old school Games Workshop ogre. Remember the days when they made single piece metal figures?

Not a horrific paint job, and not bad for a young ‘un!

Here’s a group shot of the whole bunch my friend has:

The gobbo fanatic at the top of this post was one my mom found in her attic and sent over to me. I’m still hoping that she finds a cache of old Rogue Trader era miniatures that she can send over too… here’s to hoping!

Thanks for checking these out! The next article will be a little more structured – I want to build a warband for Song of Blades and Heroes using some of my old Tomb Kings models, so I’m getting that together.

See you all soon, stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Blast from the past – Some old minis”

  1. Thanks! I wish I still had all my OG space marines, plastic Daleks and Cybermen and basically all the other super early GW stuff too… >sob<

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