More Kraith!! Also WCF on Instagram.

Look at me! I made a banner that incorporates both aspects of this post! πŸ™‚

Yes, WCF is finally starting to branch out, and now has an Instagram account. The account name is in the bottom left corner of the banner. I don’t want to type it in here in case bots are crawling the interwebs. The mechanicus needs to get on that sh*t and lock it down.

A few weeks ago, when all this pandemic hit, I started an Insta account for When Cannons Fade, mostly because I wanted to reach a larger audience, but also because I wanted to get more involved in content creation and trying to contribute in some small way to this amazing community and hobby that we’re a part of. If any of you are also on Insta, follow the feed, and I’ll follow you back!

Part of the ‘shelter in hobby‘ project for me was to start working on some of the mass amounts of plastic I’ve got sitting around. As you may (or may not) remember from a few months back, I did a ‘test mini‘ from my Daughters of Khaine force. Well now I have finally completed five Sisters of Slaughter. These ladies had been sitting on my shelf half-done for several months. It made me happy to finally finish the others:

I know I still have the other five from the set to do, but those are still undercoated, not half done.

I feel that any quick wins in the hobby bunker at the moment are good thing. In terms of the DoK, I’m hoping I can at least get together a playable Warcry warband, then work up from there to a workable Age of Sigmar force.

I unearthed some of my old unpainted (and some unassembled) Tomb Kings miniatures recently. Wanting to breathe some life into them again (no pun intended) I thought I could pull together a small undead warband for Song of Blades and Heroes, though I’ll be exploring this more in an upcoming post).

If you haven’t yet, check out Ann’s Immaterium and Azazel’s Bitz Box to see some great content, and to check out the painting challenges they set up. I’m hoping to get in on one of these too, or maybe I can get a WCF challenge up and running and we could make this another community activity to share, create and encourage each other during these uncertain times.

I think I’ll be doing a ‘blog spotlight’ post regularly too, there are some superb sites out there!

Well, that’s it for today, don’t forget to thin your paints, ummm and all that!

One thought on “More Kraith!! Also WCF on Instagram.”

  1. Nice work on those Dark Elf Daughters! I also plan/hope to build a few war bands from War Cry sized to AoS Skirmish/Path to Glory through to proper tabletop army sized over time, so seeing pictures of models like yours here really helps with my own motivation to get things done.
    I did wonder if WCF was a local wrestling promotion for a minute, though… πŸ˜‰

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