Spotlight on… Zlurpcast and Gaming with The Guys

Happy new year everyone!

I’m not sure about everyone else out there, but since the ‘COVIDS’ arrived and we all went into lockdown, but I started venturing beyond just listening to music while painting and moved into the podcast/YouTube territory to check something new out. I feel on some level its helped with the isolation too, as it sometimes feels like you’re on a Zoom meeting with your mates.

I wanted to bring a couple of YouTube channels to your attention for you to check out. In my rotation list along with the Tabletop Minions, Sci-Man Dan, Retroblasting and other channels are these little gems :


Zlurpcast came onto my radar when I started frequenting Grognard Games in Roselle, IL. I fell in with a group of ne’er do-wells that frequent their gaming tables (just kidding, they’re all super splendid chaps), two of whom are members of the Zlurpcast crew.

I enjoy their style of discussion, I feel like I’m sitting at the local pizza place drinking a beer and talking about gaming, cool toys and what you had for christmas as a kid. Biran, Valdric, Jonny P and Xtreme are your hosts and their weekly discussions cover a wide variety of themes. Certainly not afraid to dive in and dissect whatever topic is at hand. Here is their episode on Relicblade:

Just a note, if occasional swearing bothers you, consider this a heads up πŸ™‚

Zlurpcast seem to have a pretty regular schedule with new videos dropping every Saturday night. Pa-chow.

Next up its…

Gaming with the Guys Miniatures

I’ve been lucky to meet some really great folks over at Grognard Games (shout outs to Ryan, Leif, Todd, Brian, Mike, Infinity Brian, Tony, Jameson, Larry, Vincent, Greg, Jason, Art and Giuseppe to name a few) and luckier still to be able to get involved in a whole bunch of different games (to the dismay of my wallet and consequently, my Pile of Shame).

My friends Greg and Jason were my guides into the shadowy world of Bushido after I picked up some miniatures on a whim at Adepticon a couple of years back. They both took me under their wing and showed me the ropes of this really cool skirmish game.

Greg and Jason’s channel is relatively new with only a few months content under their belt, but I know there are plans for plenty more things to come. Initially their Bushido games took center stage with some Arena Rex thrown in too, but they have recently changed gears to The Drowned Earth. Here is the most recent video:

I’m hoping that I can get them interested in a few games of Deepwars which they could record and upload too πŸ˜€

Please do check out these channels and peruse their videos, and if you dig them ‘smash that subscribe button’ to get regular notification of any new content they put up.

I may even make this a regular(ish) feature by sharing other channels I like. Please let me know in the comments of any that you all listen to/watch, I’m always keen to add to my list!



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