Planet 28, Painting and other things.

Hello friends! I hope that this well overdue post finds you all healthy, well and in good spirits. I’m sure you are all feeling the same as I, in that you can’t wait to leave 2020 in the rearview mirror, it’s been quite a ride. Lets hope that that twinkle of light at the end of this tunnel is starting to get a little brighter!

Much like my 12 year-old who lives life through his Xbox, he’s been prepping for this type of life event for a while, and sometimes I feel that us wargamers are to some degree in a similar boat. While we can’t indulge our social aspect of the hobby, we can certainly focus on the creative side and getting some paint on our miniatures – something I touched on earlier this year in this post. pa-chow?

So while I’ve been quiet on the blog-posting front, I’ve been relatively busy hobby wise, so I wanted to share some finished items from the pile of shame.

1 – Efreeti – Reaper Bones Black:

Say hello to my ‘little’ friends…

One of the bigger miniatures in the Reaper range (but not huge) I just loved the sculpt on this figure and picked one up. I’m sure I’ll eventually use her in a D&D game. I need to work on my metallics game. I’ll not lie, I get lazy when it comes to blades. Any tips out there?

2 – Street Judge and Juve – Judge Dredd Miniatures Game:

Finally made a start on the Warlord miniatures Judge Dredd game. I’m not a huge fan of the material they use for the figures, but whatever!

3 – Cult of Yurei (Bushido):

The Cult of Yurei grow in strength and numbers. I’ve been enjoying painting these characters. Apparently I didn’t take a photo of Kato the Puppet Master by himself, so here he is with the group. The first picture is an armored Kairai, the second is Mo Ises (a sort of assassin type character), the third is a Kairai villager, then the awkward family photo last πŸ™‚

4 – Daughter of Khaine:

“youuu must whip it”

Keeping in a little with my Daughters of Khaine I recently painted this miniature from the Beastgrave ‘Morgwaeth’s Blade Coven’ release. The motion and character of the sculpts in this set are just superb, so I knew I wanted to have them in the collection to field either for AoS (when I eventually get to play) or Warcry. These look like they’ve just stepped straight out of the artwork in the Battletome. Great stuff!

So that’s it for painting. Other than that I’ve been writing a D&D adventure which is about 90% done. I’ve been having a lot of fun with that, and hopefully I’ll be able to give it a test run soon. Speaking of D&D, my regular group I game with just recently wrapped up a campaign of three years which was a riot. I had to step out of D&D a little the last month or so as I was beginning to get the ‘Zoom burnout’. As my job primarily uses Zoom at the moment, spending yet more time on a Friday night in Zoom was starting to wear me out.

Planet 28… I’m probably really late to the party on this, but it popped up on my radar via ‘The Instagrams’ (and from Atom Smasher over at Tabletop Minions mentioning it several times). So this little underground gem is a simple skirmish rule set firmly taking inspiration from the very early Rogue Trader era of 40k. Slather that in a healthy dose of Blanchitsu (yes I know it’s already in RT, but I’m saying ADD MOAR!) and you have the blueprint for what the author is going for. Kitbashing is highly encouraged to create unique and ultragrimdarkgothic characters that you would imagine to populate the less traveled corners of the 40K universe. Just do a Google search for Planet 28 and check out some of the amazing conversion jobs out there. Some fantastic inspiration for your own characters for sure.

The ruleset is available from Wargame Vault for a nominal fee (about $6). It uses a dice set that you would use for any RPG game which are used for different attributes. You can equip your characters with various equipment and skills as well, so there is a definite RPG element to it so you can create narrative campaigns.

Of course I saw this as a great excuse to bust out some old metal that would otherwise have been consigned to the storage box of history. Now I have a reason to use the old 40K Witchhunter models and go nuts with them. I’ll have to start digging through the bits boxes to see what out-there craziness I can create for other characters too. I’m looking forward to having free reign on what I include in my warband. Anyone else here playing this game? I’m intrigued to hear your experiences.

Finally, I scored a first edition copy of Blood Bowl. It’s not perfect, and I don’t play, but I did play a bit back when this was first out. For the $5 it cost me, it was worth it for the box art and waves of nostalgia alone… lol!

I wouldn’t mind paying THIS sports fee on my cable bill…

I’m hoping to get another post in before the Solstice holidays, we’ll see how that goes… For now though, stay safe out there, Hobby On and see ya soon!


2 thoughts on “Planet 28, Painting and other things.”

  1. Thank you! I appreciate it! I haven’t got as much done as I’d like, but any progress is progress right? πŸ™‚

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