Reaper Bones Naga, and my first game of Bushido

Welcome all, on this rainy, dark, and somewhat humid July afternoon. After my last session of D&D, I felt compelled to paint up one of my many Reaper miniatures. Now, I’m a little on the fence with the Reaper stuff. Some of the larger models look great, and the price point vs their metal counterparts sure makes it an attractive prospect to be able to pick up some great models without breaking the bank. I feel that some of the smaller miniatures suffer (a little bit) with the translation from the metal to the plastic, but again, It can be overlooked as you’re generally only going to be buying singles for characters or for beasties to populate your dungeon with.

I had recently picked up the Naga from the Bones range, as I really liked the sculpt and the detail, so I based her up, and blaster her with some black airbrush primer (remember kids, don’t use rattle can primer on Bones models, it’ll never fully ‘dry’!).

After a few hours under the brush, and I had finished my first Reaper Bones model:

I had a lot of fun painting her up, and I think she finished up looking quite striking (no pun intended). It was quite a refreshing change to just paint up something like this, and it reminded me why I became so entranced by fantasy gaming all those years ago.

About a week or ago, I met up with a chap at my FLGS to play my first ever game of Bushido. Set up was pretty quick, and I really liked the game mechanics. There are a lot of subtle nuances and rules/feats that you can use, so it did become a little overwhelming at times, but Gregg was super patient with me, and helped me out when I wasn’t entirely sure wtf I was supposed to be doing. I took a couple of pictures of the game:

I fielded my Cult of Yurei and Gregg was playing the Ito Clan (who will be next on my purchasing list!). Gregg’s guys had lots of venomous tricks up his sleeve (his clan are snake worshipers), while I was able to raise dead allies. It’s a game where you have to think a turn or two ahead as a bad placement of a model who is out in the open and exhausted is probably not going to last too long, so planning is key!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my introductory game, and I’m really looking forward to having another go and seeing how well I fare.

I’ve started building my Bushido board to play games on, and it’s almost done, but I’m not going to post it up until it’s completed 😉

Cheers for now!

15 thoughts on “Reaper Bones Naga, and my first game of Bushido”

  1. Thank you! I wanted something vibrant so I figured blue would fit the bill. I really like the movement of the model, it’s a well sculpted piece for sure!

  2. I just picked up some more figures at Adepticon, so I’m definitely sticking with it 🙂 It’s a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fun. I still feel like a n00b, but I’m very lucky to have some patient friends to play against! Let me know how you get on! Which faction are you eyeballing?

  3. Honestly, right now I have some test of honor figures I’m gonna proxy as the Ito Clan and Ryu and my wife has some Oni figures from Relic Knights. Going to start from there and if we like it, thinking if getting the cult of Yurei and she wants the panda. Hopefully she’ll like it!

  4. That’s awesome! I have Ito Clan as well as my Cult, and the panda is pretty cool toolol! but 2 factions is enough for me for now. I’d recommend starting with the 3 shrine scenario (if you have the book). Bushido really isn’t a “charge at each other and last man standing wins” game, and the shrine scenario I feel is a good ease into the rule set at about 35 rice. Let me know if there is anything I can help with!

  5. I think I’m like half way through the rules. I want to read them before I thoroughly look at characters. So far, the only thing confusing me is ranged attacks. Are there any good tutorial videos? I’m pretty sure if I see it in practice, it’ll make a lot more sense to me.

  6. Nice board for your game. When I saw you had played “Bushido,” I immediately thought of the old roleplaying game, that we tried to play many years ago but never really got any traction with it. I love the naga. I tried painting a couple of Bones mini’s and found exactly what you are talking about to be the case: using the rattle can primer didn’t really work for me. I wonder how the paint on primer would work? I haven’t tried that yet. An air brush probably isn’t in my near future.

  7. Thanks so much!
    The brush-on primer is fine and works well on the Bones figures. The Bones Black range I believe you can use rattle can primer as the plastic composition is different (so I’m told!)


  8. Thank you, that is good to know. I had poor luck with the one Bones figure I tried to paint but alas I used spray on primer. I like the range though and might give it another try either without primer or with the brush-on stuff.

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