The Horus Project – An International Hobby Quest

“It does not matter how the galaxy burns, only that it does”.

“Warmaster – that is what it means, my brother. The strength to do what must be done.”

Welcome back, friends! This post sees the beginning of a long(ish)-term project between me and my good friend Matt. After exchanging several text messages through WhatsApp a couple of weeks ago, we decided upon a painting thing we could do together, and so The Horus Project was born.

Both of us own the Forge World Horus Lupercal figure, which if you haven’t seen, is this rather tasty bit of kit HERE. Sadly, as with lots of other miniatures we both own, they’ve been sitting in our Nerd Bunkers gathering dust for a while. Matt talked me off a ledge with selling mine off, and so we decided that we would encourage each other with building and painting our respective Horuses. (Is that even a word?).

Now, my only conundrum is this: what color to do his armor? To aid in my quest, I am asking you, dear readers, to participate in the poll below, the option with the most votes will decide Horus’ fate… lets do this!

Polling is now closed. Thanks for voting!

So here is a rough timeline we decided on:

  • October will be prepping time (cleaning, sanding, assembling)
  • November 1 will be when the project proper begins, and painting shall commence. Regular updates on both my Horus and Matt’s will be posted. Encouragement is encouraged lol!

Hit the polls and cast your votes! I’ll be back soon with some more Infinity figures I’ve been working on, plus a spotlight on my local games store.

Stay tuned, Batfans!



Of course, this NEEDS to be on this post, right?

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