A little more Bushido – Taka and Wrath.

Welcome friends! As I sit and write, I can’t quite get my head round that we are already two thirds the way through January! The last several weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind with the holidays, family coming in from overseas and the onset of a frigid winter. While we have retired to winter quarters for the cold months, I’ve had little time for picking up a brush. I don’t know about any of you lot, but if I don’t get at least a couple hours a week at the painting table, I get cranky.

The last miniature(s) that I actually completed were for Bushido: Taka and Wrath. I really, really like Bushido, and the miniatures are exquisite. Combining my love of gaming and my interest in all things weird and paranormal, well, The Cult of Yurei seemed like a natural fit. I also really like the fact that Bushido is a skirmish level game with only a handful of miniatures (even less than Infinity), so getting a painted, playable force is actually an achievable objective. Anyhoo, the orphan Taka has quite a ‘Ringu/Grudge’ feel going on, so I painted her more ghost-like than a corporeal being, as befits the supernatural feel of The Cult.

Their blurb is pretty neat too:

The orphan cuts a miserable figure; many unwary strangers have rushed to the aid of the seemingly vulnerable and needy little girl. Those that do, more often than not, fail to survive their act of charity. Wrath materializes as if from thin air, channeling its rage, it’s very essence into destroying the adversaries of the Cult.”

I can just imaging someone running up to help this little girl only to see this horrendous creature suddenly appear. The flash of blade-sharp nails being the last thing they see. Gruesome stuff!

I like the weird sinewy feel that Wrath has, making it feel ghostly and very much some crazy elemental force of pure anger. I can’t wait to see how they are on the table! I’m quite excited to get my other Cult figures done (and trust me, there are some weird ones!).

In other news, I’ve been glacially slow in getting my portion of The Horus Project up and running (see opening paragraph of this blog entry). Thankfully I’ve managed to start some movement on that too, and this is where I’m at:

Can’t wait to get stuck in here… >sob<
Not too much filling of gaps to do (thankfully)

This has since been undercoated too, so I’ll at least lay down some sort of base coat. I found a really great tutorial for the Sons of Horus green color at the Centerpiece Miniatures blog. I really like how the recipe makes the armor pop, so I figured I’d try the same and see how we end up…


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